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Commercial Solar explained

A commercial solar system can cut costs and provide your business with a clear advantage over the competition.


Choosing solar for your business is a big decision, you want to be assured that your investment will deliver you predictable cost savings now and in the future.


No matter the size of your business, our team can design a solution that reduces your operating costs, increases onsite energy efficiency and gives you a competitive edge in your market.


How does a Solar Power System work?

An investment in a Commercial Solar Power System with Solergy delivers strong financial returns as well as substantial environmental credentials. Our transparent Commercial Soler Power System design process delivers fast and accurate proposals for your business with a wide range of financing options to suit your business structure.


"Return on Investment (ROI) of a commercial solar system can provide safer returns with accurate buy-back periods. Business owners installing commercial solar systems can achieve a buy-back in around 4 years. In some cases 30% p/a."

How does it work

Our photovoltaic design is engineered to maximise financial returns based on optimising the solar system size against site-specific constraints. Whether it be a photovoltaic solar system for a commercial office building, a manufacturing facility or a warehouse, we consider both site and budgetary objectives at the core of our photovoltaic design process.


What makes us different?

We are not locked in with one supplier and only provide the one type of panel or inverter. Our buying power allows us to shop around for the best products on the market that will suit your solar energy needs.


  • Quality products and workmanship to maximise your return on investment ROI is dictated by the power output the system produces over its 25-year life. That’s why we use high-quality products and configure them to optimise power output and long term savings.

  • Flexible payment options that offer your business all the benefits of a high quality solar PV system, without the upfront capital cost - we can even offer $0 deposit.

Contact our Commercial Solar team for more info!


Jhana Cowham

Northern Territory

Managing Director


Our Work


Solar System (2013)


Yulara (2021)


Solar & Battery (2021)

The first of its kind in the Northern Territory!!! Designed and installed by Solergy. The battery system is designed to take the load of the inverter and prevent the diesel generation issues when clouds reduce the output of the solar system. Solar smoothing. Grid protection, Grid management unit


Commercial Finance Options


We have an extensive suite of commercoal finance options available to cover all business needs, as follows:


  1. Chattel Mortgage with Balloon or Nil Balloon payment

  2. Operating Lease

  3. Solar Power Purchase Agreement (SPPA)


Chattel Mortgage

  • Up to 100% of the invoice cost can be financed​ 

  • The client owns the equipment from day one

  • The client claims 100% of the GST back in the first BAS period

  • The client claims tax deduction for the interest component of the repayments

  • Client can claim the depreciation of the equipment

  • Loan is shown as a liability on the clients balance sheet

Operating Lease (Rental Contract) 


Benefits of leasing:

  • Repayments are 100% tax deductible as opposed to only being able to claim interest and depreciation on the Chattel Mortgage.

  • After the rental term, the client can offer to purchase the equipment off the funder (usually for an amount equivalent to 1 - 3 months repayment).

  • Off balance sheet expense - is not show as a liability on the customers balance sheet

  • Fixed repayments for the term of the agreement - makes it easy to budget for

  • Utilises the assets being financed as the security

  • 100% of the cost is financed - install, engineering and supply

  • Preserves the customers working capital and existing funding lines

Disclaimer:  The above information is general in nature only.  Customers should not rely on the information above but should instead seek professional independent advice from their accountant or solicitor to determine their most suitable option.  The information is not intended to imply taxation benefits are available to individual customers.  Commercial finance is only available to commercial ABN holders and for commercial solar applications only.

We install the
Solar System on
your roof for FREE.

You instantly save
up to 30% on the
energy you use.

We monitor and
service the system
for FREE.

We own the system so any maintenance required will be covered by us

If you move, we even
transfer the service to
the new buyer.

Did we mention that
you save up to 30% on
the energy you use!

Contact our Commercial Solar team for more info!

Solar Power Purchase Agreement (SPPA)



Solergy own and maintain the Solar System on your roof.

It COSTS YOU NOTHING to install and youonly pay for the electricity you use at a discounted rate

(up to 30%).


Solergy is also able to iffer a Solar Power Purchase Agreement option. This occurs when a third party own the Solar Installation on your building and acts as a power generating entity. The Business is then able to purchase power back from this third party at a discounted rate by way of an agreement over 15 years. Some businesses choose this option as it allows no capital expenditure and cheaper electricity. If you are interested in this option, please ask us for more information on how it works and what benefits can be accured.

Why should you go with a SPPA?

  • No capital cost what so ever

  • Up to 30% discount on the power the system supplies for the agreed time

  • Free maintenance and health monitoring of the system

  • No lock in contract, you can buy the system back at any time

  • Transferable contract to future property/ business owners

  • Improve your companies bottom line

  • Maximise the use otherwise redundant roof space

  • Removal of the burden of ownership of a system

  • Built in redundancy – you maintain access to mains grid power

  • Hedges against electricity price rise risk

  • Full system monitoring

  • Potential to easily expand and/or add on new technologies as required

  • Flexible contract term

  • Savings from day 1. Cash flow from day 1 to year 10/15/20

  • Predictable energy costs

  • Clean renewable solar energy one of the best marketing and PR tools available

Finace Options

Call our friendly team today!

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