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It's important to have some knowledge as to what you need to look for in a solar panel and what rebate

are available and how you receive them.

Our team is here to help you if anything is unclear or you have some other questions that need answering!


In the solar industry, there is what's called the Tier Rating System. This is what is used to rate a solar panel manufacturers level of quality.

It is important to always confirm if the panel is rated a Tier 1, if it is anything else do not look at it, you may found that panel to be cheaper but those panels are cheaper for a reason. Research is key when choosing your installer and system, check off the following 

criteria to be assured you are only buying quality and reliable panels.

To be rated a Tier 1 panel and manufacturer, they must meet the following criteria:


How many solar panels does the manufacturer sell each year

Financial Stability

How prosperous the company is. Is there risk of going bankrupt or insolvent

Quality Control Systems 

Procedures a manufacturer takes to ensure premium quality products every time

Research and Development

How much a manufacturer spends on researching and developing solar panels

Vertical Integration

Manufacturer controlling their supply line from silicone cells to the final panel product

Innovative Robotic Processes

Manufactured using highly automated techniques. Robotic processes guarantee panels with higher quality standards, consistency and reliability.


The process to attain warranty claims, local or Australian based service office

Manufacturing Solar Panels for more than 5 years

This reveals the company's longevity and ability to serve any potential warranty claims in the future.

Risk Diversification

Arguably the most important. Manufacturers having a risk diversified manufacturing portfolio, compared to solar manufacturers only making solar panels. Without diversification, can lead to the company going bankrupt or insolvent.

In some cases, you will find that lesser quality panels will seemingly perform great in the first 6 months but it is inevitable that the poor quality will catch up after being exposed to the harsh climate we experience in Central Australia. This is known as potential induced degradation. For this reason, it further secures our strong belief that QUALITY MATTERS and Solergy only provide the best high-quality products.

Solergy has partnered with some of the most reputable solar PV manufacturers in the world to only supply and install the best.

When we choose our solar panels, we always take into account their aesthetics, performance track record and warranty conditions and support. We have specifically selected superior PV modules with the best track records in all areas to ensure every installation we complete, is top quality with great aftercare.

Both of our panels have been individually tested and certified by Bloomberg to confirm that meet satisfactory requirements needed to be a reliable panel in the harsh Central Australia conditions including the upper end of the NT to suit cyclonic conditions.

Phono Solar is a Chinese company that produces tier one solar panels with Solergy being a selected "Diamond Dealer" with an exclusive 15-year product warranty and 25-year performance warranties. They are certified as corrosion resistant. DNV GL is, among other things, an international certification body. They perform independent tests of solar panels.

In 2018 Phono Solar was again awarded Top Performer status. In 2016 Phono Solar and Kyocera were the best panels for Australians to buy according to independent reviews of DNV GL testing.

Phon Solar Panel, Teir One and Winner of Top Performing Panel - Solergy Alice Springs NT Australia

Their panels are tier 1 and have a 12-year product warranty and have service offices based in Australia. Hanwha Q CELLS produces panels in Malaysia, China, and Korea. They used to have a production line in Germany but was moved in 2012. 


Small-scale Technology Certificates

This is a Federal Government financial incentive for owners purchasing renewable

energy such as Solar, Wind or hydro systems.

Eligible systems are entitled to a certain number of small-scale technology

certificates which are based on the location of the solar system, size of the

system and the price of STCs at the time the system was installed.

The value of STCs fluctuate. Australia is divided into 4 zones, each zone is

determined by how much solar energy is produced.
This STC Rebate is what is used as a "Point of Sale Discount" when you

are proceeding with a contract with an installer. 

Solergy will offer the rebate as a "Point of Sale Discount" and your STC Rebate will be signed over to us to give you this discount upon sign up, this makes the process stress free, easy and simple as we will do the work for you! 


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