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Come and chat with our friendly team at our Bondi Junction office.  We are passionate about solar, let us help you reach your goals with a custom system to suit your needs.  Specialising in Home Solar and Battery and Commercial systems. 

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Solar Battery Storage, for the most part, works the same as a standard grid-connected solar system BUT you have the ability to store excess energy with your batteries and draw power from them before drawing from the grid. Battery storage is another great way to further your savings or if you wish to become self-sufficient.

Battery Storage Solergy Alice Springs

1. Solar Panels collect the UV/Sunlight produced throughout the day and is converted into  DC Power (Direct Current).

5. Power Grid receives excess energy your system creates if it has not been stored in your batteries. Your power provider will award you with a feed-in tariff (9.13c p/kWh (Inc) in the NT), this is what creates the credit toward your power account and reduces your bill. If your energy load is larger than the solar production, you will draw only what is needed from the grid.

4. PWC Digital meter measures your power usage and excess energy sent back to the grid. It's a good way to monitor if you are drawing more power than the output of your system.

3. Battery Storage will store any excess energy your system creates for later use such as night time. If you have a Grid Connect with Battery Storage/ Hybrid System and your battery storage is charged any excess energy will be sent back to the grid. If you have a Stand Alone Solar Battery System then your household will run from solar production during the day and your battery storage at night, if you are using a larger load than what you solar is producing then you will draw power from your battery storage.

2. Inverter/ charger receives DC and converts it into AC power (Alternate Current). AC is the electricity you run your household on. You will draw from this electricity created by your solar panels to power your home first. Any excess power your system has created will be sent back to the grid or stored in your battery storage.

Your inverter/ charger monitors your battery level to determine when charging is needed. When your batteries reach a certain level, the solar power will be diverted to your batteries to charge them.



What is Grid Connect with Battery Backup?

Grid Connect with Battery Backup or Hybrid solar is the same system design but is known by both terms.  These systems allow you to stay connected to the grid network for power backup. You can enjoy the benefits of staying connected and sending excess power the grid to receive the Feed-in Tariff (1:1) and use battery storage for your nighttime usage or if there is a power blackout. Your system will automatically switch to the grid if you have drawn your batteries to zero charges until you can either go back to solar power usage or until your batteries are charged.

What is a Stand Alone / Off Grid System?

A Stand-Alone or Off-Grid Battery solar system is again the same system design but known by both terms.   These systems allow you to be completely independent of the grid and entirely self-sufficient. You do not receive any feed-in tariff like a Hybrid solar system as all of your solar energy will be used powering your household and/ or charging your batteries. Any excess that your system creates and cannot be stored or used at the time is lost.

How much?

COSTS The cost of installing a solar battery system can vary widely and is affected by a range of factors from where you live to the technology and size of your battery system.


Solar After Care is designed to cover you against a range of unexpected events that could effect the performance, efficiency, functionality of your system.  When things go wrong, we have got you covered.

We will send you automatic notifications when the system is under performing or gone off line.

Warranty Compliance
Your system remains compliant with manufacturers warranty specifications

Managed System
Solar After Care manages the system ongoing to maximise the energy produced and to deliver the best benefits for the homeowner, hassle free.

Peace of Mind
If there are any issues with your solar system, or you just want your system serviced.  We have you covered.

That's Wyndell
Solergy Installer


The use of solar power in place of traditionally generated power offers positive environmental benefits and can save you thousands of dollars each year.  


With solar you never have to pay expensive power bills ever again.  The cost of a Solar System can be paid off for the price of your current electricity bill. 

Government Incentives

There are Government incentives including the solar panel rebate to help households and businesses to install home solar and battery power systems.

Affordable payment solutions

At Solergy, we are driven to make solar and battery systems more affordable for home owners. We have a range payment solutions to suit your needs.  From no interest to no deposit.

$0 Electricity Bill

Whether you'd like to reduce the cost of your power bill, have battery stored power for to protect you from blackouts, you want to invest in renewable energy or reach that $0 electricity bill, we can help customise a system based on your individual household or business needs.

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