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What is solar after care?

Solar After Care is designed to cover you against a range of unexpected events that could effect the performance, efficiency, functionality of your system.  When things go wrong, we have got you covered.

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We are here to help

Choose your Cover

Find the best layer of protection for you

  • Solar After Care - Residential Silver

    Every week
    Residential customers seeking essential solar system maintenance
    Valid for 52 weeks
    • Installation Warranty Extension (whilst plan is active)
    • Annual Basic System Health Check (valued at $250)
    • System Monitoring and Management
    • Transferable Installation Warranty
    • Basic Phone Tech Support and Guidance (2 hours)
    • Custom Shutdown Procedure and system manual
    • Rewards Points Program
  • Best Value

    Solar After Care - Residential Gold

    Every week
    Residential customers with a solar system.
    Valid for 52 weeks
    • Everything in Residential Silver plan
    • + 10 hrs of on/off site tech support (valued at $1.6k)
    • Fixed price panel clean - $10 per panel
    • No travel cost within Service region
    • No call out Fees (valued at $250)
    • Installation Warranty Extension (whilst plan is active)
    • Transferable Installation warranty
    • Access to Solar System Upgrade Plan (Trade up plans)
    • Exclusive members offers
  • Solar After Care - Residential Diamond

    Every week
    Residential customers with a solar system, solar and battery system with online monitoring.
    Valid for 52 weeks
    • Everything in Silver and Gold Plan
    • Priority Service and Support
    • Fixed price panel clean $7 per panel
    • 30% off solar panel clean (first 15 panels)
    • + 20 hours of tech support and labour
    • Purchase additional hour blocks for service work
    • Online system monitoring and fault reporting
    • Monthly system production reports
    • Installation Warranty Extension (whilst plan is active)

What is Solar After Care


Solar System Maintenance

Ensuring the optimum performance of your solar panels and systems through regular maintenance and system health checks


Expert Consultation & Support:

Addressing your concerns and queries with prompt and professional support, guiding you through your solar journey.


Warranty Compliance

We help you navigate through the necessary steps to ensure your equipment stays within warranty, safeguarding your peace of mind and securing your investment.


System Health Checks

Regular health enable swift identification and correction of any discrepancies, preserving system health and ensuring uninterrupted energy production, which is crucial for maintaining warranty compliance and safeguarding your investment.


System replacement and repairs

We navigate through warranty claims, replacements and undertake necessary system repairs promptly.


Advanced System Monitoring:

We offer real-time monitoring and fault reporting, ensuring you are immediately informed of any discrepancies, allowing for swift corrective actions.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

What you really need to know.


Q: Doesn't my solar system product warranty cover service work?

A: No.  Solar system product warranty is only on the products.  It doesn't include the labour associated with diagnosing the issues and/or faults in your solar system.


Q: Doesn't the installation warranty cover service work?

A: No.  Installation warranty only covers the installation of the system components, this include includes system defects or non compliances.  It doesn't include your inverter turning off due to high network voltages, faults in your existing electrical system, circuit breakers switching off.


Q:  If I get a solar system or solar and battery system, do I get unlimited technical support and call outs for the life of the system?

A: No.  When you purchase the solar system, the labour component of the quote covers the cost of installation and not the cost of future servicing of your solar/ battery system.


Q: Do I need to service my solar system?

A: Yes. Just like a new car, you need to maintain your car within the recommended manufacturers time/ kilometre specifications otherwise it may void your warranty.  The same goes for solar/ battery systems.  Check out the Clean Energy Regulator's information about servicing your solar system.


Q: How often should I service my solar/ battery system?

A: Every Year.  We recommend to conduct annual health checks on your solar/ battery system to reduce the risk of product failure.

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