Solar power


When deciding to go solar, it is good to have a basic understanding of what solar is and how it works.

Feel free go through this page to get all the basic information you need to make an informed

decision on solar power.

team is here to help you if anything is unclear or you have some other questions that need answering!

1. Solar Panels collect the UV/Sunlight produced throughout the day and is converted into  DC power (Direct Current).

3. Battery Storage will store any excess energy your system creates for later use such as nighttime. If you have a Grid Connect with Battery Storage/ Hybrid System and your battery storage is charged any excess energy will be sent back to the grid.

2. The inverter receives DC and converts it into AC power (Alternate Current). AC is the electricity you run your household on.
You will draw from this electricity created by your solar panels to power your home first. Any excess power your system has created will be sent back to the grid or stored in your battery storage.

5. Power Grid receives excess energy your system creates. Your power provider will award you with a feed-in tariff (1:1 in the NT), this is what creates the credit toward your power account and reduces your bill. If your energy load is larger than the solar production, you will draw only what is needed from the grid.

4. PWC Digital meter measures your power usage and excess energy sent back to the grid. It's a good way to monitor if you are drawing more power than your system's output.



Do you like the idea of going solar but you still need a little convincing that installing a Solar Power System is the best decision for you? Read the following reasons and see if you can still walk away without booking a site assessment for a quote!

Low power bills or Never pay a bill again!

You can stop that dreaded feeling "here comes another power bill" and replace that with excitement to see what your solar system has saved you! Many of our customers are in credit in the first full quarter after installation.

Generate your own power

The energy created by the sun every day can be collected through Solar Panels to generate electricity to run your household or business. 

Any surplus you create will be fed back to the grid and your account will be credited according to the current Feed-In-Tariff.

There are government incentives 

There are government incentives to go solar, provided by both the Federal and States governments which include STCs and Feed-In Tariffs. Be sure to watch your state government for any Renewable, Renovation or First Home Buyers incentives! 

Contribute to the wellbeing of the Envionment

Solar is a renewable energy. It draws energy from the UV rays of the sun, then creating power to run your home, business, campsite and so much more! It does not require any nasty chemicals or products, just a big beautiful shining sun! Feel some peace that you are contributing less to the harm of the planets future.

Add more value to your property

When you install a reliable and quality solar power system to your property, it instantly will add value to your property. It will add favourability on the leasing and selling market too! Solar, it just keeps on giving!

Creating more jobs for local workers

When making the choice as to an installer, choose local. This choice creates jobs, withholds those jobs, encourages the local economy as we spend locally and it gives you, the customer peace of mind having on hand, local servicing!


So, you've got the basics about solar and the WHY you should go solar, if you're ready to take the next step contact us to book in your free site assessment and quote which is designed, supplied and installed by our fully CEC Clean Energy Council Accredited Technician's and is obligation free!

You are not restricted to these systems but these are our most commonly installed sizes. Every system is designed according to your energy needs, wants and situation.


Solar System


17 x 275W Solar Panels

5kW Grid Connect Inverter

5kW Rail kit

Your Estimated Savings:


Average Energy:
23.43kWh per day


8,550kWh per year

Suitable for household of:


Solar System


24 x 275W Solar Panels

5kW Grid Connect Inverter

6.6kW Rail kit

Your Estimated Savings:


Average Energy:
34.4kWh per day


12,540kWh per year

Suitable for household of:


Solar System


28 x 275W Solar Panels

7kW Grid Connect Inverter

7.7kW Rail kit

Your Estimated Savings:


Average Energy:
40.08kWh per day


14,630kWh per year

Suitable for household of:


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