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Satisfied customer standing next to their new Solergy residential solar system in Alice Springs

Why install Solar Power?

The use of solar power in place of traditionally generated power offers positive environmental benefits and can save you thousands of dollars each year.  


With solar you never have to pay expensive power bills ever again.  The cost of a Solar System can be paid off for the price of your current electricity bill. 

Government Incentives

There are Government incentives including rebates and a Northern Territory Government Battery Voucher Scheme to help Territory households and businesses to install home solar and battery.

$0 Electricity Bill

Whether you'd like to reduce the cost of your power bill, have battery stored power for to protect you from blackouts, you want to invest in renewable energy or reach that $0 electricity bill, we can help customise a system based on your individual household or business needs.

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Am I eligible for a Solar Rebate? 

The Australian Small Scale Technology Certificates program is a federal government initiative to assist homeowners in reducing the upfront cost of installing solar power as well as kickstart the renewable energy sector. It’s sometimes referred to as a ‘Solar Rebate’ but it is not a rebate in the traditional sense. When a solar system is installed, it generates a number of STC’s (Small Scale Technology Certificates). These certificates represent the positive environmental impact of using solar energy over carbon-emitting fuel sources such as gas and coal. They have a monetary value and are traded on an open market. Companies who are aiming to reduce their environmental impact purchase these certificates from installers therefore partially funding the solar installation. Installers then pass this onto homeowners by lowering their system prices.

How much will I save on my power bill?

There is no way to give exact savings figures without conducting an in-home consultation with one of our trained solar experts, who can look at your existing electricity usage, roof layout and more. You can, however, get an estimate by clicking here and completing our savings summary.

How much?

COSTS The cost of installing a solar system can vary widely and is affected by a range of factors from where you live to the technology and size of your system. There is not one size fits all when it comes to solar. The major factors which will affect the price of a solar system and some things to keep in mind when asking "How much"? are: - government rebates and incentives - installation costs - type and number of panels - type and size of inverter - type of framing equipment and other system components - height and accessibility of roof and whether it is tiled or metal or concrete - Battery and any battery incentives by state governments - any after sales service agreements


Like the idea of going solar but you still need a little convincing that installing a Solar Power System is the best decision for you? 



Low power bills or never pay a bill again!
Many of our customers are in credit in the first full quarter after installation.


Generate your own power
The energy created by the sun every day can be collected through Solar Panels to generate electricity to run your household or business. 


Add more value to your property
When you install a reliable and quality solar power system to your property, it instantly will add value to your property.


Contribute to the wellbeing
of the Environment

Solar is a renewable energy you can make a difference with when  you make the switch.  We're making electricity cheaper, cleaner and fairer.  Become an NT Climate Champion Today!


There are government incentives
 There are government incentives to go solar, provided by both the Federal and States governments which include STCs and Feed-In Tariffs.


Creating more jobs for local workers
When making the choice as to an installer, choose local. This choice creates jobs, withholds those jobs, encourages the local economy as we spend locally and it gives you, the customer peace of mind having on hand, local servicing!

Call our friendly team today!

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