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iStore Hot Water System Alice Springs
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Product Features

Compact and Slimline Design

Great replacement for electric and gas systems

Dual anodes for superior protection

Multi-Mode programming

Up to 2250 litres of hot water per day

Suitable for narrow / skinny lots

The revolutionary iStore air-to-energy hot water system, designed in Australia for Australian conditions.

Rather than using inefficient electric elements or wasteful gas burners the iStore uses air-to-energy technology to deliver a huge leap in hot water heating efficiency.

The iStore removes heat energy from the air and stores it in the Australian proven vitreous enamel tank. 

iStore Hot Water System Alice Springs


Sleek design

Open and Closed Loop

Advanced heat exchanger technology

Good for poor water quality areas

Designed for off-grid location

Maximum Government incentives

Cyclone Kits Available

iHeat Solar Hot Water System Alice Springs

Improve the energy rating of your home and SAVE with solar hot water

Use the sun’s unlimited FREE energy to provide up to 80% of your hot water heating needs.

iHeat’s roof mount solar hot water heaters are traditional close-coupled thermosiphon systems, combining roof mounted solar collectors and storage tanks, which are ideal for applications that are short of available ground space.  Roof mount systems are highly efficient and use natural thermal convection to circulate hot water from the collectors to the tank without the need for electric pumps.

Running cost per year based on 200L consumption

iStore Hot Water System Alice Springs


To discuss your hot water needs, please take the time to fill out the information below.


Available NT wide

iStore Hot Water System Alice Springs

DOWNLOAD brochures for further reading on the Air into Energy and Iheat Solar hot water systems.  

If you'd like further information please fill out the enquiry form and submit.  

It is important for us to know what kind of system you already have and whether you'd like to upgrade or change hot water systems. 

A Solergy team member will be in touch to discuss your Hot water needs.

iStore Hot Water System Alice Springs
iHeat Solar Hot Water System Alice Springs
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