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Why choosing a Quality Assured Northern Territory Solar Installer matters

The solar industry in the Northern Territory is growing at a rapid pace,

with more and more households and businesses embracing the benefits of renewable energy. However, with this growth comes an increased risk of poor quality solar installations with big promises and little follow through which can be costly and dangerous.

1. Customer Due diligence - look for Quality Assurance

One way you, as a customer can have peace of mind when you are choosing your Solar installer is to look for Quality Assurance (QA). It has become critical in the solar industry, especially in the Northern Territory as a safeguard against 'pop up' installers! It ensures that products and services meet safety standards and perform as expected, which can prevent costly recalls and legal action, improve customer satisfaction, and increase efficiency. QA is regulated by government agencies and industry bodies, making it essential for businesses to succeed and provide high-quality products and services.

2. True Locals support the economy and industry

Choosing a local solar business that keeps all of their work in-house is just as important. Pop-up interstate solar installers may offer lower prices, but they often cut corners and aren't invested in our local economy. Plus, they cannot provide the follow-up customer care that a local business can.

Local businesses have a vested interest in the Northern Territory and are more likely to prioritize quality workmanship, customer satisfaction, and long-term relationships with their clients. By choosing a local solar business, you're not only supporting our economy, you're supporting local jobs, keeping the work in the NT with people who live here and love it! Choosing a Local is ensuring that you receive high-quality solar installations and follow-up service with knowledge of our unique climate and requirements.

SOLERGY is proud to be a local business that keeps all of our work in-house. From design to installation and follow-up service, our team of experts is committed to delivering the highest standard of workmanship and customer care. We understand the unique challenges of solar installations in the Northern Territory and work closely with our clients to ensure their systems are safe, reliable, and perform as expected.

Contribute to the success of the solar industry in the Northern Territory.

By prioritizing these factors when selecting a solar installer, you can ensure that you receive high-quality products and services that meet safety standards and perform as expected. So, make sure to choose a local solar business like SOLERGY to support our economy and ensure a brighter future for all.

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