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Let the Territory sun SAVE you money

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Solergy Installer


The use of solar power in place of traditionally generated power offers positive environmental benefits and can save you thousands of dollars each year.  


With solar you never have to pay expensive power bills ever again. The cost of a Solar System can be paid off for the price of your current electricity bill. 

Government Incentives

There are Government incentives including rebates and a Northern Territory Government Battery Voucher Scheme to help Territory households and businesses to install home solar and battery.

$0 Electricity Bill

Whether you'd like to reduce the cost of your power bill, have battery stored power for to protect you from blackouts, you want to invest in renewable energy or reach that $0 electricity bill, we can help customise a system based on your individual household or business needs.


Solergy is a Territory family owned and operated SOLAR Energy solution specialists established in Alice Springs in 2013.  A leader in the industry having serviced the Northern Territory, from Uluru to Kakadu and beyond! 


We have been installing Solar in the NT for over 10 years and we have tried and tested the best products for the NT Climate.   Solergy only offer quality solar and battery solutions with ongoing  local support with offices in Alice Springs & Darwin.   We can help you every step of the way.  


speak to our friendly team to find out how much installing a home solar system can save you!  Complete a savings calculator and receive a personalised summary from our Solar Consultants

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He'll help you get started

SOLERGY are your one stop Solar and Battery experts! 

Book a Site Inspection with one of our team today, we'll come to you, and talk about your options face to face.  OR Compete a Remote Site assessment and we can start building a package that suits your household or business's consumption needs.


looking for Power Security?  It's time to invest in your future power with Battery Storage.  Apply for the $5,500 Battery Voucher from NTG!

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Did you lose your 1:1 Feed in Tariff?  Or would you just like to invest in your future power today?  We have the knowledge and expertise to retrofit or customise an upgrade to reach that $0 power bill.


Leaders in Commercial and large scale Solar Systems for business and organisations throughout the Northern Territory.  With a portfolio spanning from Uluru to Kakadu.  Solergy have you covered.  


Book Consultation

We'll call you, it that simple.  A lot of people prefer to just speak to someone, and we are here for you.  Book a Solar Consultation with our friendly team and we will reach out to help you with your enquiries.  If you would prefer face to face, we can arrange a time to meet you in the office.  Click the button to book a Solar Consultation.

Get Quote

This options is for someone who is ready to get started.  We have a remote site assessment that will collect the necessary information from you to start preparing a quote.  We need from you a Photo of your switchboard, meter box, a ground view of your roof and a copy of your most recent power bill.  We use this information to start customising a quote based on your household or business needs.  Our friendly Solar Consultants will follow up with a phone call to ask a few more questions and answer any questions you may have. 

Solar & Battery


Like the idea of going solar but you still need a little convincing that installing a Solar Power System is the best decision for you? 



Low power bills or never pay a bill again!
Many of our customers are in credit in the first full quarter after installation.


Generate your own power
The energy created by the sun every day can be collected through Solar Panels to generate electricity to run your household or business. 


Add more value to your property
When you install a reliable and quality solar power system to your property, it instantly will add value to your property.


Contribute to the wellbeing
of the Environment

Solar is a renewable energy you can make a difference with when  you make the switch.  We're making electricity cheaper, cleaner and fairer.  Become an NT Climate Champion Today!


There are government incentives
 There are government incentives to go solar, provided by both the Federal and States governments which include STCs and Feed-In Tariffs.


Creating more jobs for local workers
When making the choice as to an installer, choose local. This choice creates jobs, withholds those jobs, encourages the local economy as we spend locally and it gives you, the customer peace of mind having on hand, local servicing!

Call our friendly team today!

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